Software That Simplifies


For many wealth advisors, gaining access to a broad universe of bonds is challenging. Further, market opacity can inhibit an advisor’s ability to compare available bonds in the market, and can also limit pricing transparency.

BondNav® is a cloud-based fixed income technology platform that addresses these challenges. It aggregates data from multiple market sources onto a single, easy-to-use screen to give greater insight into buying, selling and managing bonds. It provides access to thousands of wholesale bond offerings and liquidity solutions, with comprehensive pre-trade price transparency to assist wealth advisors in managing their clients’ fixed income portfolios with confidence.

BondNav is free to access and easy to use. It simplifies the bond-trading process and empowers advisors to compete with larger institutions on access to products, price, and execution. Further, it is backed by the resources and expertise of 280 CapMarkets’ advisor liaison, institutional sales, and market-making trading desks.

Easily compare and evaluate fixed income securities and select the best available pricing with 280 CapMarkets’ best execution support. BondNav allows you to execute with confidence.

Search & Select

Extensive search criteria allow advisors to select from tens of thousands of bonds from electronic communication networks, Street offerings, full-service dealers, institutions, clearing & custodial offerings, and new issues.


Comprehensive pre-trade data helps advisors navigate structural and credit characteristics to make more informed choices for their clients.


The convenience of a fully transactional platform, backed by a full-service capital markets team that is dedicated to securing and documenting the most competitive price for every order.

Additional Features

The BondNav platform features an intuitive user interface and powerful tools for the investment advisor, including:

Geographic illustration of issuer location

Offering and bid-wanted supply by issuer, series and geographic location

Real-time new offering and bid-wanted alerts

A marketing tool for advisors' communication with new and existing clients

A watch list to assist advisors in monitoring bond price movements

Best Execution Confidence

It’s difficult for investment advisors to feel confident comparing bonds when they don’t know if they’re seeing all available bonds. The market lacks transparency to give advisors confidence that they’ve obtained the best price for their purchase or sale. The duty to determine and document best execution takes valuable time away from their clients and their business.

BondNav addresses these challenges directly by bringing together data from multiple market sources onto a single, easy-to-use screen, providing real-time trading information and pricing transparency. This comprehensive pre-trade data, combined with post-trade 280 BestEx™ documentation, supports an advisor’s best execution requirements.