Municipal Bonds

280 Securities provides access to new issue municipal bonds to independent advisors for their individual clients. We regularly participate in both competitive bids and negotiated sales. This can represent a substantial benefit to advisors and their clients, as new issue municipals are executed at the original offering price with no additional mark-ups, fees, or commissions.

In certain negotiated sales, a retail order period is offered by the issuer, during which orders submitted by advisors for individual investor clients will receive priority over any institutional orders. 280 Securities can assist advisors in identifying these valuable opportunities.

Advisors who are interested in being notified by 280 Securities about upcoming new issue municipal bond offerings can sign up here or request access to BondNav.

280 Securities provides access to new issue corporate notes and bonds (investment-grade and high yield), U.S. Agencies, Certificates of Deposit (CDs), asset-backed securities, mortgages, and collateralized loan obligations.

We are also active market makers for these securities in the secondary market.

In addition, our fixed income team has expertise in sourcing fixed income securities that are designated as Green, or otherwise fit investor mandates for socially responsible investments (SRI). This can be valuable for advisors who are assisting their clients with environmental, social, and governance goals, as well as socially responsible or impact objectives.

Recent Transactions

Seal/LogoIssuerRoleSeriesSale Date

Milwaukee County, WI General ObligationCo-ManagerSeries 2018D10/26/18

Metropolitan School District of Washington Twp., IN General ObligationCo-ManagerSeries 201810/24/18

City of Milford, CT General ObligationCo-ManagerSeries 201810/24/18

City of Lincoln City, OR General ObligationCo-ManagerSeries 201810/24/18

Town of Millis, MA General ObligationCo-ManagerSeries 201810/24/18

New York City Transitional Finance Authority (BARD)Selling GroupSeries S-310/16/18

New York State Housing Finance AgencySelling GroupSeries H10/10/18

CA Dept. of Water - Central Valley ProjectCo-ManagerSeries AZ10/10/18

Stockton Unified School DistrictCo-ManagerSeries 2012C10/9/18

Morristown, TN General ObligationCo-ManagerSeries 20189/24/18

Eau Claire, WI General ObligationCo-ManagerSeries 2018A9/11/18

Wichita, KS General ObligationCo-ManagerSeries 822`9/16/18

Wichita, KS General ObligationCo-ManagerSeries 8219/6/18

New York City Transitional Finance AuthoritySelling Group2019 Series B9/3/18

Massachusetts General ObligationSelling GroupSeries 2018E/Ref8/27/18

Massachusetts Clean Water Trust Green BondsSelling GroupSeries 218/27/18

North St. Paul Independent School DistrictCo-ManagerSeries 2018A8/21/18

New York Municipal Water Finance AuthoritySelling Group2019 AA8/15/18

Rutherford County, TN General ObligationCo-ManagerSeries 20188/14/18

New York City General ObligationSelling Group4 Series 8/8/18

New York City Transitional Finance AuthoritySelling Group2019 Series A7/26/18

Alexandria, VA General ObligationCo-Manager20187/25/18

Fargo, ND Refunding ImprovementCo-Manager2018D7/11/18

Vermont Municipal Bond BankSelling Group2, 20187/10/18

County of Orange, NCCo-Manager20186/26/18

Massachusetts Transportation FundSelling Group20186/20/18

City of Amarillo, TXCo-Manager20186/19/18

River Falls School District, WICo-Manager2018 Series A6/19/18

County of Union, NJCo-Manager20186/12/18

Fort Worth, TXCo-Manager20186/6/18

Duarte Unified School District, CACo-ManagerSeries E5/8/18

City of Cedar Rapids, IACo-Manager2018 Series B5/8/18

University of CA RegentsCo-Manager2018 BA5/22/18

University of CA RegentsCo-Manager2018 AZ5/22/18

Boston, MA Water & SewerCo-Manager2018 Series A5/14/18

Mequon, WI Sewer RevenueCo-Manager20184/10/18

Bryant School District #25, ARCo-Manager20184/10/18

Dedham, MA General ObligationCo-Manager20183/19/18

Virginia Beach Revenue BondsCo-Manager20183/14/18

Harrison Central School District, NYCo-Manager20183/14/18

California General ObligationCo-Manager20183/7/18

University of CA RegentsCo-Manager2017 AY12/13/17

State of CA Public Works BoardCo-Manager2017 FGH10/25/18

California General ObligationSelling Group20178/29/17

Oregon Veteran Welfare BondsSelling GroupSeries 102, 10310/31/18

State of New York Mortgage AgencySelling GroupSeries 213, 21411/7/18

Ridge Fire District, NYCo-ManagerSeries 201811/8/18

New York State Environmental Facilities Corp.Selling GroupSeries 2018B11/14/18

Washoe County School District, GO Co-ManagerSeries 201811/14/18

Minnesota Independent School District No. 777 GOCo-ManagerSeries 2018A11/14/18

City of Charleston, SCCo-ManagerSeries 201811/15/18

New York City GOSelling GroupSeries 2019D11/29/18
Prince George's County GO BondsSelling GroupSeries 2018A11/29/18

St. Charles Ambulance District, MissouriCo-ManagerSeries 201811/29/18

New York State Housing Finance AgencySelling GroupSeries I12/10/18

Dormitory Authority of the State of NYSelling GroupSeries 2018A12/11/18

City of Brookhaven, NYCo-ManagerSeries 2018B12/11/18

City of Spokane, WACo-ManagerSeries 201812/11/18

City of San Diego Sub Lien Water Revenue BondsCo-ManagerSeries 2018A12/11/18

Massachusetts GO BondsSelling GroupSeries 2019/Series A1/7/19

Vermont Municipal Bond BankSelling Group2019 Series 1 Bonds2/21/19

Kansas Development Finance AuthorityCo-ManagerSeries 20192/13/19

New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance AgencySelling Group2019 Series A2/13/19

State of Ohio Conservation ProjectCo-ManagerSeries 2019 A2/12/19

State of OregonSelling Group2019 Series B2/12/19

New York City Housing Development CorporationSelling GroupSeries 2019 A-32/4/19

New York Housing Finance AgencySelling Group2019 Series C1/30/19

Commonwealth of MassachusettsSelling Group2019 Series A1/24/19

New Jersey Turnpike AuthoritySelling GroupSeries 2019 A1/24/19

Ohio Housing Finance AgencySelling Group2019 Series A1/23/19

Marble Falls Independent School District, TexasCo-ManagerSeries 20191/22/19

City of Brookhaven, GeorgiaCo-ManagerSeries 20191/22/19

City of Worcester, MassachusettsCo-ManagerSeries 20191/22/19

City of Provo, UtahCo-ManagerSeries 20191/22/19

Grand Strand Water and Sewer Authority, South CarolinaCo-ManagerSeries 2019A1/15/19

New York Municipal Water AuthoritySelling GroupSeries 2019 DD1/15/19

City of Newport News, ViriginaCo-ManagerSeries 2019A1/15/19

Airport Commission of the City of San FranciscoSelling GroupSeries 2019A1/10/19

Independent School District No. 22, MN GO Bonds (Detroit Lakes)Co-ManagerSeries 2019A1/9/19

State of New York Mortgage AgencySelling GroupSeries 2019 217,218,2192/26/19

State of California Dept of Veteran AffairsParticipant2019 Series A3/20/19

City of Mason City, IowaCo-Manager2019 Series A3/19/19

Town of Bar Harbor, MaineCo-Manager2019 Series B3/19/19

The Regents of the University of CaliforniaPartiticpantSeries 2019 BB, BC, BD3/12/19

New York State Housing Finance AgencySelling GroupSeries D & E3/12/19

Sheldon Independent School DistrictCo-ManagerSeries 20193/6/19

Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School DistrictCo-ManagerSeries 20193/5/19

State of California General Obligation BondsCo-Manager2019 Refunding General Obligation Bonds3/5/19

State of Oregon Dept of Administrative ServicesSelling Group2019 Series A COPs3/5/19

New York City General Obligation BondsSelling Group2019 Series E, F-13/4/19

Missouri Housing Development CommissionSelling Group2019 Series A2/27/19

Maryland Dept of Community Housing and DevelopmentSelling Group2019 Series A2/26/19