We understand that investment advisors work in many different ways. For those who prefer to leverage technology to research and select individual fixed income securities, BondNav® offers the benefit of broad access to the fixed income market, the efficiency of being able to compare bond characteristics on a single screen, and the ability to transact directly through the BondNav platform.

“When we trade with 280 Securities, we appreciate the pricing transparency and institutional trading team. The team diligently shops around for the best offerings, consistently beating the offerings we see at custodial bond desks.”

— Morgan Mabry, Operations Manager, Client 1st Advisory Group

“We are extremely pleased with the service and execution that we receive from 280 Securities. It has quickly become a valuable extension of our financial advisory services in providing expert and pro-active guidance and management of our client’s fixed income portfolios. Having a trusted partner in the fixed-income space is a major advantage to us and our clients.”

— Adam Waitkevich, President and Founder, Coppertree, LLC

“We are excited to see these industry veterans coming together to make an impact on the fixed income markets.”

— Banyan Tree Asset Management LLC

“With 280 CapMarkets and BondNav, we can build unique portfolios geared to achieve our clients’ objectives using individual bonds.”

— Michael O’Brien, President, O’Brien Investment Management, LLC

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Portfolio Managers

Portfolio managers and traders log into multiple trading systems and analytical tools, and process information pouring in from the Street. BondNav® allows institutional traders to bridge gaps and unify bond pricing information in a single platform.

Investment Banking Clients

We provide new issue bond structuring and underwriting, led by a team of experienced fixed income experts. Our banking services take advantage of our technology, market insights, pricing transparency, and a robust distribution network.