A Clear Path to Fixed Income Price Discovery

We open a clear path to fixed income discovery by providing more information and simplifying access to bonds.

The name of our firm is inspired by the first 20th century-large scale national public works project, Highway 80 or the Lincoln Highway, which stretches from New York’s Times Square to San Francisco’s Lincoln Park.  Highway 280 connects Silicon Valley to San Francisco and, by extension, to the rest of the United States.  Our national highway system, built to connect the free movement of trade and commerce, inspires the technological network 280 CapMarkets has built to improve bond market price transparency and confidence in fixed income investing.

Investment advisors and their clients can be challenged to achieve optimum results from fixed income market investments because of complex and opaque offerings.  While there can be value in the professional management offered by mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, investment advisors working with certain wealthy clients can realize unique tax benefits and tailored portfolios through individual bond investments.  280 CapMarkets allows wealth and investment advisors to execute with confidence.

The 280 CapMarkets Team

We are a well-known and experienced financial services team, drawn together by a passion for improving fixed income access and transparency for advisors.